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Meet Some of the Characters

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Quotes from Shane Aaron Davison

Shane Aaron Davison

"I'm NOT a cigarette smoker, I sometimes hotbox – ya know, from time to time, but I never inhale. An occasional cig helps relieve stress – it calms me. I go through 'bout a pack of smokes a day. I have a lot of stress – ya know."

“School, no matter if it's elementary, junior high, or high school isn't much different than in the real world. Everyone gets a label, if ya like it or not, and that label sticks with ya for the rest of one's life. If ya ask me, that kinda sucks a big one – ya know.”

"Having an annoying brat of a little sister is a royal pain-in-the-ass. I was happy being an only child, that meant I got all the attention and if I did get in trouble it was of my own doing. But with a little sister I get blamed for everything, I'm always in trouble because Cassie finds some way to make everything MY fault. I hate her for spoiling the good thing I had before she came along. Then there's times like right now, Cassie and I are watching TV – she climbs into the chair with me. She nudges her snotty nose into my chest and falls asleep in my arms. I blink back the tears as I hold her. My breathing slows to match hers. I softly kiss the top of her head. Maybe little sisters aren't that bad after-all. But I swear, if you tell anyone, I'll deny every word. I swear I will."



Quote from Caleb "Cal" Corbin

Caleb "Cal" Corbin

"This past summer, I moved in with Auntie, into this two-bit Oklahoma town from Los Angeles, after my Dad – a big-shot stock broker was incarcerated for insider trading, embezzlement, and money laundering. This killed my Mom, she was devastated and ended her life with a bottle of pills. I'm a high school junior, I've always attended private schools, but Auntie decided I need to 'build character', so I'm attending public school for the first time in my life. Being a football player, I've learned that life can sometimes throw a curve-ball. Coming from affluence and privilege, I could probably commit murder in this shit-hole of a town – and get away with it."



Quote from Cassandra "Cassie" Davison

"Shane's the bestest big brother in the whole wide world. He calls me his Princess an' he's my Prince. Someday when I grow up, I'm gonna marry him. That way we'll live hap-lee for ever an' ever, just like the story in my picture book."



Quotes from John Luke McKibben

"Shane Davison thinks he can just waltz in and take over. He has another thing coming, I've worked too hard to get where I am at this high school for him to take it all away. He's just a naive sophomore to my extensive junior achievements. He has no idea what I'm capable of. I'll destroy him, but not before I seduce him – he's nothing more than another notch on my bedpost."

"My name is not John, it is John Luke. I was given the first name: John Luke – with no middle name. I do not answer to John, because my name is John Luke, don't ever call me John. As far back as I can remember, my parents have always called me Johnny, but if you are anyone besides my parents, you will refer to me as John Luke or J.L. for short."


Quote from Mrs. Hightower (Mrs. "H")
Henry Starr Sr High School Speech & Drama Coach

"In this crazy world there are two types of people: WINNERS and LOSERS. Go into that competition. Pull out all the stops. Do whatever you have to do to be THE winner. I don't coach losers!"



Quote from Gunther

“Should you happen to see me in the hallways, you'd most likely call me the 'school janitor'. In all actuality, I'm much more, I'm the eyes and ears of this school – I know everything that goes on at this campus. It's not my place to judge or condemn. I passively observe. Maybe that's why my official job title is: Custodial Engineer.”


Quote from Weston "Wes" Myers

“Things haven't been easy for Dad and me ever since Mom passed. I don't remember her, I was real young, all we have of her are some old photographs. Dad has worked really hard to see that I make something of myself. I owe it to him – I want to make it so Dad doesn't have to work so much. You see, he owns and runs the Donut shop on the far side of the high school student parking lot. Business was doing okay, but he had to find a way to pay for my college. He came up with this idea to sell packaged lunches to the students who didn't want to eat at the school cafeteria. His idea paid off, the students jam-pack the shop to buy those brown-bag lunches. He sells out every day – he works really hard so I can go to college.

“I'm waiting to hear from the universities I applied. I'm hoping for a scholarship, I've got the grades and all. My plan is to graduate college and become a lawyer, and maybe even run for an office someday. But mostly, I just want to repay Dad for all he's done for me. But first, I've got to finish my senior year. Besides keeping my 4.0 grade point average, I'm also one of the team captains of the high school debate team. We've got a real shot at a state championship this year with a great experienced team: Thomas Nicholls, Skyler McLaughlin, Paul Kizer, and a newbie by the name of Shane Davison. I just met him and don't really know much about him, but he must have some talent or he wouldn't have made the speech and drama club. I heard he was accepted without even trying out, so he must have something special. He's not ready for competition debate, so I've got him fact checking and we'll see where things go from there. Wish us luck, because we're going to take State this year!”



Quote from Karen Taylor

"Shane and I had been in several Jr. High classes together, but I specifically remember being in Orchestra together. Somewhere along the way, we developed a fondness for one another and Shane asked me to go steady, and of course, being a 14 year old girl at the time, I said yes. It was a typical teenage relationship. We held hands in the hallways at school, he walked me home from school, and of course when we weren't together, we talked on the phone! I remember a song by The Carpenter's, 'Maybe It's You', as being our song

"However, even with that said, I always felt Shane kept a little distance between us, as if he had a secret. We never did anything more than hold hands, and he never even tried to kiss me. Jr. High school is a difficult and confusing time for all of us. I sensed Shane may have been a bit more confused than the rest of us. I suppose I suspected deep inside maybe he didn't know who he was, or maybe he was afraid to admit to himself that he might have liked boys more than girls. I think Shane probably tried to be someone he wasn't and his inner self fought him every step of the way. It wasn't a horrible breakup, one day (after going steady for about a year) we just decided to not go steady any longer. I wasn't angry or bitter about our breakup. It was difficult to not like Shane, he was warm, caring and sensitive – qualities unlike most boys in Jr. High. I just saw our breakup as a rite of passage and then – we kind of lost touch."



Quote from Mr. Ross

"Mr. Davison, I will not tolerate tardiness in my Algebra class. Coming in late, you have disrespected your peers and demonstrated total disregard for me and my time. Do I make myself understood, young man? "



Quote from Paul Gardner
Henry Starr Sr High School Principal

"Queers make me want to vomit. There's no place in my school for a goddamn fairie."




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