Work In Progress - Projected to be Released in 2019

"I can really get ‘into Shane’ and I know I will be sad when this book ends. I have read a few books that I did not want them to end, and this will be one of them." - Beta Reader Comment

"You make everything so visible – I remember the small towns I have known. I felt I was standing right next to Shane." - Beta Reader Comment

"Boy, your book is certainly bringing out thoughts and feelings I had no idea I still had. Is this a sign of a great writer? I think so." - Beta Reader Comment


When Shane Davison's life unravels,
there is only one thing to do:
 fight back!

A  zealous  high school principal  exploits  his position to break Shane Davison's teen spirit. Unrestrained actions result in unforeseen events in this 1970s  narrative. Told entirely from Shane's teenage perspective. Inspired by actual events.

Prepare for a roller coaster read. Releasing in 2019.









Completed Rough Draft includes 2-Part Introduction
with an additional 127 Chapters
Approximately 300 words = one published page
Average written words per day: 3000
Most productive day: Thursday, December 28, 2017 - 6800 written words
Longest single chapter: #124 (2025 words)

Status of rewrite as it is being completed
131 of 131 chapters

Projected Book Release 2019

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